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Top Five Jewelry Trends for Spring 2020

As the season transitions to spring, it’s a great time to add jewelry pieces to your collection to update your signature style.  Each year during the various fashion weeks, jewelry trends emerge and this year there are incarnations of past favorites.  In this post, we break down our favorite trends with a vintage twist.

vintage chain necklaces from 24 wishes vintage

Chains are everywhere from bold statement, mixed metals or bright gold collar & choker length chains.  Lariat style chains are also trending.  Lariats are long ‘Y’ shaped sometimes knotted without a clasp. 

Vintage twist:  Look for classic designers such as Anne Klein and Givenchy.  Both are known for gold chains with logo accents.  Kenneth Jay Lane is another designer with bold statement size chains.  Napier, Monet & Trifari vintage gold chains in various link styles are readily available in good condition at prices that won’t break the bank. Interested in trying the Lariat style?  Trifari and Monet are the vintage designers to look for.  Lariats were an Art Deco era staple revitalized in the 60s & 70s.

vintage hoop and door knocker earrings from 24 wishes vintage

Hoops are still in but bolder and larger.   This trend is one that seems to never go out of style.

Vintage twist:  We love this trend as it is relatively easy to find vintage hoop earrings in both pierced and clip on styles.  All the major vintage jewelry designers have some form of chunky hoop or door knocker earrings.  Some examples to look for are Napier, Givenchy and Trifari.

vintage pearl jewelry from 24 wishes vintage

Pearls are trending in every form from earrings to necklaces.  Classic to baroque and single strand or layered pearl jewelry is hot for spring.

Vintage twist:  To make your vintage pearls look and feel “modern”, layer them with your chain bracelet stack or necklaces.  Vintage pearl rings and brooches are another way to incorporate this trend into your spring wardrobe.  You’ll find all major vintage jewelry designers have faux or simulated pearl jewelry.  Noteworthy are Marvella, Trifari and Christian Dior.  When purchasing vintage faux pearl necklaces look for double knotted strand, check to make sure the ‘pearls’ are in good condition (no excessive wear or peeling) and always check the length to ensure the correct fit.

colorful spring jewelry from 24 wishes vintage

Colorful playful floral and jeweled jewelry are on the rise.  This is another trend we love as it a perfect transition to celebrate spring.

Vintage twist:  If the neon colors appeal to you, look back to the 80s and 90s jewelry.  Add pops of color with rhinestones, enamel and lucite (a type of plastic) touches.  Color has long played a role in vintage costume jewelry so have fun with this trend!

vintage floral flower jewelry from 24 wishes vintage

Adding to the color trend, you’ll find brooches pinned on lapels or nontraditional places such as socks and cuffs.  Flower pendants and other whimsical touches are also on trend.

Vintage twist:  The possibilities are endless when it comes to the vintage floral jewelry.  Floral motifs, pearls and rhinestones or enamel brooches & pins were popular from the 50s to 60s.   Joan Rivers’ jewelry line from the 90s has many floral and bee brooches options.  Also look for brooches that can-do double duty as a pendant.

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One last note, no matter what is trending remember to wear what you love and always accessorize!  Often, a few new pieces of jewelry paired with clothing you already own is enough to update your look. 



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