24 Wishes Vintage is an online jewelry, accessories & home décor boutique offering unique collectible items with a story to tell.  We don’t focus on one style or period, rather we look for quality and timeless items to add to our boutique.  Our goal is to make vintage attainable and affordable offering a wide range of options and price points.

24 Wishes Vintage has been selling jewelry, accessories and collectible items online for over five years starting our journey on Ebay & Esty before branching out and establishing our own website.  You can still find us on those marketplaces if you prefer to purchase that way.

Making your shopping experience enjoyable is our number one focus.  We have arranged our website for easy navigation and include detail product descriptions, the item's condition and multiple pictures.  There are several ways to search (color, type, designer, or collection) if you want to narrow down our catalog to find what you are looking for.  A search option only available on 24 Wishes Vantage is Signature Style.  We believe there are four main styles that most people gravitate towards.  Of course this is not a science yet a tool to help you narrow down the catalog of items that we offer.  Learn more about Signature Style here.  When exploring our website, if you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us as we have only a small sampling of our inventory listed online.

We understand the challenges of purchasing online.  No matter how many pictures or well written description, there is nothing like holding or trying on an item.  Color, size and fit are all a part of the buying experience that may be difficult without physically holding the item.  This is why we offer a hassle-free return guarantee.  Please see our Shipping & Returns policy page for more information.

We hope you enjoy shopping on our online boutique and find something that speaks to you that you will love for years to come!