24 Wishes sells gently used pre-owned items.  We seek out quality authentic vintage items.  The items you will find on our website are generally manufactured in the United States between 1930 - 1999.  Read on for more details! 

We care about your shopping experience and have developed these FAQs to answer some of the common questions about vintage jewelry and our shop's policies.  If your question isn't answered, please reach out to us at info@24wishes.com. 


Manufactures, brands and designers may be referenced in the listing.  Trademarks are owned by the respective brand owner.  24 Wishes is not affiliated with any brand.  Some items are "unmarked" with no identification of who made it.  This does not mean it is not as valuable as a marked piece.  The overall condition, style, and rarity are some of the factors that determine price.  We do our best to communicate the facts of the each piece in the listing.  If you do have additional questions, please contact us at info@24wishes.com.


We only sell items in very good to excellent vintage condition. We do not sell items that are broken, non-functioning, or shows excessive signs of wear. Each item in our shop has a condition report outlined in the description which will include any notable flaw that is outside the normal signs of use/wear associated with the age of the item. Please keep in mind the pictures are also a representation of the condition of an item.  As a general guideline we rate a piece as:

Excellent:  This is a rare rating where the item is "like new" with no wear, repairs, missing stones or metal discoloration/wear.

Very Good:  Light wear usually not seen unless magnified.  No signs of repairs or missing stones.  No broken parts.  Stones and metal may show very light wear such as tiny nicks.

Good:  Moderate wear usually on back side of the piece.  May have a repair or small flaw that would be noted.  Could have some discoloration of stones.  Most wear not visible unless magnified.


We curate our vintage from many sources including estate sales, antique dealers, and private sellers.  All our items have been pre-owned and worn.  Given the nature and age of the items we sell, generally it is not possible to outline the background or provenance of an item. Similarly, it is not possible to conclude if the item has always been in a smoke or pet free environment or if any repairs such as replacement stones have been made. We do NOT repair any items in our shop. If the item appears to have been repaired it would be noted in the Condition Report.


An estimate age of an piece is documented in the description. Some items that are unmarked or by a designer who "reused" designs through the years pose unique challenges. It is important to understand we do our best to use clues contained by the physical construction, hallmarks or maker marks on the item to date the piece. 


Your vintage jewelry requires only a bit of special attention. Do not get your vintage jewelry wet or use harsh cleaners. This is especially true for rhinestones that have foiled backs. When washing your hands, it's best to remove your jewelry so it does not get wet. Use your hair spray and perfume prior to putting on your jewelry. Store your jewelry carefully avoiding moisture, heat or extreme temperature changes. A jewelry box or storage bag will keep your vintage jewelry in good condition for years to come!


Most vintage jewelry items we only have one in stock.  Keep in mind, if you add an item to the shopping cart it can still be purchased by another buyer and availability is not guaranteed.  Availability is checked at the time of check out.  We currently do not offer lay away or similar payment plans.  


We offer shipping through the USPS either 1st class or priority mail.  We package items carefully so they come to you as they appear in our pictures.  We ship internationally through the USPS as well.  Shipments are processed daily to get to you as quick as possible.  For more information see Shipping & Returns.


Our photos are protected by copyright.  We take multiple picture of each item for you to make your purchasing decision.  The only editing preformed on product pictures is to brighten the white background, light levels, and cropping. Close up pictures are taken to show detail and may accentuate wear.  We do our best to represent color and condition of the items we sell. Keep in mind colors vary by monitor.  If you have any questions or would like additional pictures, please contact us at info@24wishes.com.